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Is a Harness Better than a Collar for Dogs? Those of us who really love our pets would go to almost any lengths to ensure that they are healthy, happy, and getting the best care possible. From the food we provide to the toys and accessories we buy, we usually want to give our pets the absolute best things we can find. The incredible access to information that we now have has made it much easier and faster for us to find out what items are best for our pets. So, when questions such as whether collars or harnesses are better for dogs, we will surely take interest and search to learn more. Both dog collars and dog harnesses have very likely been used by people for hundreds of years, if not more. Most dog owners around the world more commonly use collars for their dogs. Dog harnesses, however, have traditionally been used for dogs that are trained to do certain work functions or tasks. Dogs that pull sleds or wagons, for instance, will usually be given harnesses to use, since collars might choke them as they work. Both collars and harnesses are intended to help restrain a dog while it is leashed onto something. A dog collar is situated around a dog’s neck, while a harness is situated around the arms, shoulders, and back. When a dog pulls very hard on its leash while wearing a collar, it is very possible for it to choke and injure itself. This is one of the primary reasons why dogs will be given harnesses to use while pulling heavy objects in their work tasks or functions. So, dogs that are not trained for work, but often pull too hard on their leashes, will similarly be given harnesses to use instead of collars.
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Dog harnesses are becoming increasingly popular, as more dog owners become informed about various practices that are healthier for our dogs. From tiny pugs to huge great danes, dog harnesses come in all sizes to fit all dog breeds. They can also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, if you would like your pet to be more stylish in its harness. At some of the special, boutique pet stores, you might even be able to have a dog harness custom made to your preferences.
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Caring for our dogs is often just as important as caring for our children. We will expend a lot of time, energy, and money to give our dogs the best and safest foods, toys, and accessories. By providing them with things such as dog harnesses, we can better ensure their good health and well being.